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27 SKUs - Ships April 2023 All quilt patterns designed by Julie Letvin are available for purchase from Me & My Stitches: (319) 931-0711 To order Grandpa's Journal, contact: (800) 877-2066 AUJDX-21852-16 BROWN AUJDX-21853-114 BRICK AUJD-21850-114 BRICK AUJD-21848-114 BRICK AUJD-21845-114 BRICK AUJD-21844-114 BRICK AUJD-21848-13 TAN AUJD-21844-14 NATURAL AUJD-21843-15 IVORY AUJD-21849-15 IVORY AUJD-21847-13 TAN AUJD-21849-133 GOLD AUJD-21850-133 GOLD AUJD-21847-16 BROWN AUJD-21843-49 OLIVE AUJD-21846-45 MOSS AUJD-21851-49 OLIVE AUJD-21851-4 BLUE AUJD-21845-9 NAVY AUJD-21848-9 NAVY AUJD-21844-9 NAVY AUJD-21851-184 CHARCOAL AUJD-21843-184 CHARCOAL AUJD-21846-16 BROWN AUJD-21846-2 BLACK AUJD-21850-2 BLACK AUJD-21849-2 BLACK Grandpa's Journal Grandpa's Journal {Wide}

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